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Amother Blogger

And So It Begins…

Hello! In a sea of blogs about motherhood, I am just Amother Blogger. If you are looking for If you are looking for recipes that will make your children LOVE veggies, that’s not here. Maybe you’re looking for Pinterest perfect organization ideas, move on. Perhaps, you are looking for amazing craft ideas to do with your kids, you’ve got the wrong blog! However, if your looking for stories that aren’t sugar coated versions of motherhood, then welcome. Do you want to feel less alone in your parenting struggles? Join me. Maybe, you some how find humor in the craziness of family life, and the wacky things your kids say. This is your blog spot! Most of a I want all mommas to feel less alone on the bad days, and more celebrated on the good days. Even when a good day just means you took care of everyone AND managed a shower for yourself.